Welcome to our Treehouse, also known as the Foxtrot Creative Dept.

We create and produce work that activates spaces, amplifies brands and their stories, refines experiences, connects emotionally, and makes you scratch your head a little and ask “huh?”. 

We are made up of designers, writers, photographers, artist, storytellers, and people who just love to make things. And every so often we invite other creative friends to pitch in. So, if you interested in working together, let us know. And finally, don’t tell our boss we made this website. Thanks.


Current team
Jasen EmanianContent Creator
Kit Grassi, Writer
Colleen Griffiths, Sr. Designer
Steph Klaers, Brand Director
Nicole Mizgalski, Assc. Creative Director
Kelsie de la OssaCreative Producer
Eileen Peltier, Visual Merchandiser
Rob Schellenberg, VP Creative
Garrett Sweet, Photographer
Marco Veneziano, Spatial Designer

Past team
Kira Latoszewski, Writer
Caroline Litchfield, Creative Director
Jack Neiweem, Sr. Writer
Sandy Noto, Photographer
Alex Sorrells, Store Designer
Elle Ternes, Content Creator
Lindsay Webb, Store Designer
Abbi Wolfenkoehler, Creative Producer
Will Wright, Designer

Friends & Collaborators
Perky Bros
Morgan Garleff
Anna McKendrick
Jim Kennelly
Louie Capozolli
Yasbel Yates
Jess Shoman
Chris Dazzo
John Zabawa
Young Jerks
Look, Mom
…we’re in Rolling Stone
…our Chips are on Brand New
…our Vodka is on Eye On Design
…and our Bourbon is on Dieline

60607 – IL